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Principal Melissa Elizondo

I formed this school in 2005 due to the needs of our children and the children of our friends. We were looking for a place where our children could learn and be taken care of at the same time, and when we found nothing of the sort at that time, we decided to create Dolphin’s Academy. At first it was small with only one group of kids, but as they grew up, the number of classes available grew with them. These days, we now have classes ranging from early learners all the way to 6th grade.

The process changed the lives of my husband and I. At first it was a commitment on the side, but as the school grew, our love for the students and the school came together in a synthesis of what we see as our family. At first I worked at other jobs to support our family, but now I am 100 percent committed to the school. I think of it as my family, too.
I love what I do and have always put in a lot of time to run the school well. I prepared myself by going to university and studying education and how to be a principal. My goal for the school is to provide the best service I can to the students using methods such as the Montessori method to achieve success in education. I want to provide our community and the world with graduates who are successful and who have the capacity to make good decisions out in the world. I believe that is what is happening and will continue to happen in the future.

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